With thanks to BDO, the QEC recently held a webinar for members to watch, listen and learn more about COVID-19 stimulus packages and tax updates. Hosted by BDO, the webinar was held on 15 April 2020. A recording has been published below for those who couldn’t tune in on the day.

COVID-19 Stimulus and Tax update for QLD Explorers

As the Coronavirus epidemic continues to cause widespread disruption, it’s important for organisations to take precautionary measures and formulate action plans to mitigate risks on impacts to business operations.

There have been many announcements over the past weeks about additional stimulus measures from both the State and Federal governments. It’s understandable that for many, knowing which measures may apply to your organisation and its people can feel like an additional burden in what is already a challenging time.

Join BDO’s Tax Partner, Sharnie Mitchell, as she guides you through what you need to know including:

  • JobKeeper Payment – how will junior explorers access this and can contractors access this?
  • Cash boost initiatives – detailing their practical application
  • Payment holidays – what can you defer? When can you defer? What should you defer?
  • Other tax initiatives

Sharnie will then facilitate a Q&A in response to any additional questions you submit before or during the webinar.