Drew Cox
Drew Cox
Project Manager, Geoscience Data Modernisation Project, Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ)


In June 2019 the Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ) launched a pilot of the GSQ Open Data Portal. The pilot contains 400% more geoscience data than was previously available to industry online.

The pilot has 1264 seismic surveys and 7275 geochemical data sets for industry to search and download. It is the first release from the Geoscience Data Modernisation Project (GDMP), which aims to publish all open file geoscience data held electronically by GSQ by December 2020. A short video about the project can be found here.


GSQ aims to enhance data driven exploration in Queensland by bringing data from six separate systems into a single open data portal for the first time. Anyone will be able to find target data using spatial, text or facets search tools.

The Portal uses a data catalogue to integrate metadata from different data types. This enables fast and easy searching, filtering and downloading through a standard web browser. The format of the metadata also supports machine learning and artificial intelligence. The catalogue itself is based on international and national data standards to ensure its quality and longevity.

Once complete the Portal will have 12 types of geoscience data including geophysical, geochemical, hyperspectral, seismic, ASTER, 3D models, QPED data, map collections and wireline logs. The pilot only has seismic and geochemical data at present. Other data types will be added throughout 2020.

The pilot currently has limited functionality for searching and downloading capability. This will be expanded as the project progresses through the remainder of 2019 and 2020. You can provide feedback through the ‘Support and feedback’ link on the site. To make sure the project is driven by the needs of industry, users are encouraged to provide feedback.

Practical benefits have already been seen from the pilot. Prior to June two GSQ geologists spent most of their time responding to industry requests for seismic data which they copied on to hard disks and mailed out. Now everyone can self-serve and find and download the data they want from the Portal. This produces savings in time and money for both industry and GSQ.

GSQ is running another initiative to support data driven exploration by industry. It is centred on improving the quality of geoscience data which industry has been requesting for many years.

GSQ is currently seeking feedback on new Industry Reporting Guidelines, which require industry reports and associated data to be provided in a structured, itemised format using Excel templates. This new data can then be automatically quality checked prior to being accepted and stored. This quality-improved data will then flow back to industry after the relevant confidentiality period has expired.

To support the new Industry Reporting Guidelines the GDMP will be building a new data submission portal to replace QDEX Reports.

GSQ is committed to enabling data driven exploration in Queensland. The GDMP and the new Industry Reporting Guidelines are two initiatives in progress which will make a real difference for the resources industry in Queensland.