The Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA) aims to place students onto career pathways in the resources sector and other STEM industries.

QEC acknowledges the importance of raising awareness of the geology pathway among school aged students to encourage them to take on a career in geology and resources.

COVID 19 has not stopped the QMEA getting its messages on geology pathways out to schools effectively using online technology to deliver a Queensland wide live webinar through the Queensland Education Department’s e-learning platform featuring Renee Romeo, Graduate Geologist, Glencore Coal and separately a standalone video production of New Hope’s geologist Baiba Grinberga.

Watch the video “Geology Rocks” 


In addition, QMEA has developed units of work/lessons aligned to the Australian curriculum including geology taught in year 8. The complete suite of these packs can be viewed from the QRC led national education website with the link to the geology content here Oresom Resources: Rocks Never Die

Finally to correspond with National Science Week, Renee Romeo made a virtual return delivering a webinar to 220 boys at Churchie.
“It’s very important for students to relate their classroom learning to the outside world and this event offers a snapshot of how science is used beyond the schoolroom” said Churchie’s Deputy Headmaster Richard Wheeldon.

The QMEA is a partnership between Queensland Resources Council and the Queensland Government through the Gateway to Industry Schools Program. It works with 75 schools across Queensland.