In the past couple of days there have been some important developments in relation to JobKeeper eligibility.

On 23 April 2020, a new legislative instrument was passed providing guidance about several alternative tests to the decline in turnover test in the JobKeeper Rules – which we address here.

Importantly, that instrument did not deal with one of the critical outstanding eligibility issues – relating to employer entities that operate in a group structure.

However, in a welcome move, Treasury announced on 24 April 2020 a number of further measures which will be enacted to clarify the operation of the JobKeeper Rules.  Significantly, this includes a proposed measure to enable a service or employer entity in a wider group of related entities to apply an alternative test to the current decline in turnover test.  It is envisaged that this measure will open up eligibility to the JobKeeper scheme to a wider range of corporate groups than provided for under the original formulation of the JobKeeper Rules.

Details of the Treasury announcement are addressed here.

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