Our comprehensive FAQs will help answer any questions you may have about why the Queensland resources sector has become a world leader. Here you’ll find information on the size and scale of the sector, why it is so important for the Australian and global economy and much more.  

Queensland is a highly prospective resources province, endowed with abundant and diverse mineral resources, coal, oil and gas resources, and growing opportunities for renewable resources.


  • is the world’s largest seaborne coal exporter
  • is rich in copper, lead, silver, zinc, bauxite, phosphate rock, magnesite and silica sand
  • is recognised globally as hosting one of the world’s most highly mineralised areas (North West Minerals Province)
  • is established as a highly productive energy province thanks to the ongoing development of the Bowen and Surat Basins and the enormous potential of the untapped Galilee Basin
  • is home to significant prospects in geosequestration, geothermal energy and oil shale projects.
  • has strong fundamentals for local exploration already exist, including:
    • high-quality geoscience data
    • a world standard and growing mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector
    • sound infrastructure support for resource production
    • an industry sector regarded by the public as a significant contributor to economic development
    • a rich tradition of exploration success.

There are three levels of government in Australia – Federal Government, State Government and Local Government. All three have various roles in governing activity in the resources sector, including:

The Queensland Government values the contribution of the resource sector through the investment, employment, regional development and economic benefit it brings to the state. The government also recognises the many consequential benefits a successful resources sector brings in terms of infrastructure development, associated business opportunities, and increased workforce skills and capacity.  In return, the government provides a range of support measures to exploration and resource development. These include:

  • provision of pre-competitive geoscience information at nil cost and in digital form
  • provision of incentives and grant schemes to assist industry explorers
  • support to national level research initiatives and data sharing platforms to aid explorers
  • maintenance of “Trade and Investment Queensland” offices at key locations around the world, with dedicated Trade Commissioners focussed on facilitating trade and investment opportunities in Queensland
  • a “Resources Investment Commissioner” dedicated to facilitating and supporting investment into the Queensland resources sector
  • joint work with federal government agencies to promote resource sector opportunities and entry pathways into Queensland, especially via the long-established “Australia Minerals” and “Australia Petroleum” programs
  • support to joint industry-government investment focussed groups and activities
  • development of supporting policy tools to fast-track discovery and development of particular commodities – for example gas and base metals.

Please visit the following Trade and Investment Queensland online resources:

Take a look also at the Resources Q App – a free smartphone and tablet app which gives you access to a wide range of information about investing in Queensland’s resources sector.