Queensland’s resources sector is widely recognised as one of the most successful in the world, contributing $74.3 billion in value added to the Queensland economy in 2018-19. Queensland’s rich and diverse resources, solid economic environment, strategic Asia-Pacific location and pro-business government make it an irresistible destination for exploration and mining investment.


The Queensland Exploration Council is a not-for-profit initiative of the Queensland Resources Council. Launched in 2010, the QEC focuses on investment attraction initiatives that showcase Queensland as a leading investment destination. The QEC’s flagship project is the Queensland Resources and Exploration Gateway (QUREX). QUREX provides businesses with the tools, resources and support they need to invest in the vibrant Queensland mining and resources industry, including how to connect with new markets, new partnerships and new business opportunities.

Queensland’s resources sector is one of the largest in Australia, with its contribution to the State’s economy generating $20.56 billion or 7.3% of gross state product. The sector includes major global companies, large national operators through to exploration companies – mining and exploring across all commodities. View our comprehensive look at our diverse and globally competitive mining industry.

The Queensland resources sector is a leader in the international market, offering world class production of minerals and resources. Major mining and energy operations are located throughout the state, with the Government also opening up large areas of unexplored land to encourage investment in emerging and existing commodities.

Our comprehensive FAQs will help answer any questions you may have about why the Queensland resources sector has become a word leader. Here you’ll find information on the size and scale of the sector, why it is so important for the Australian and global economy and much more.

A range of grants and incentives have been introduced by the Queensland Government to stimulate investment in the Queensland resources sector.

Learn more about the key people, businesses and organisations that are driving the Queensland resources sector today.

Queensland’s resources sector is governed by a framework of laws and regulations, which direct mining operations and investment in the state. Any investor wishing to engage in mining-related activity in Queensland will need to understand this framework to ensure their success.