A global hub for investment, Queensland’s thriving resources sector offers a range of business advantages including world-class mine operators, equipment and technology; a competitive tax regime and a highly skilled and professional workforce.


Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) is the Queensland Government’s global business agency, helping Queensland exporters take their products to world markets, and promoting Queensland as the perfect place for investment.

Establishing close ties with the local investment community and engaging with key players in the resources sector will build a strong foundation for any successful business investment.  Connect with the leaders in the resources investment community today.  

Queensland’s significant resource operations are located across the state – from Weipa in North Queensland and Mount Isa in the North West, to Rockhampton and Gladstone in central Queensland.  Learn more about Queensland’s major mines, as well as the location of new projects, discoveries and drill intersections here.  

The Queensland Resources and Exploration Gateway has compiled a detailed list of FAQS for businesses and investors who are seeking to learn more about Queensland’s extraordinary resources investment opportunities.  

Knowledge is power in the investment world.  The Queensland Resources and Exploration Gateway helps bring together all the information you need to invest with confidence in the Queensland resources sector.

When considering investing in an exploration project, foreign investment regulation is a key regulatory hurdle. Learn more about the important steps a company should take before committing to any foreign investment.