QEC encourage participation in the Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies 2020. Each year the results of this survey is addressed in the QEC Exploration Scorecard publication. A high correlation in participants between the QEC Exploration and Drilling Sentiment Survey and Fraser Institute’s Annual Survey of Mining Companies allows for us to analyse the finding and make comparisons with greater confidence.

Collection of data for the Fraser Institute’s 24th annual survey of mining companies will begin next week and continue until Friday October 30th. The data collected will allow the survey team to identify those provinces, states, and countries that pose the greatest barriers to investment in the mining sector, as well as the reasons underlying any significant shifts in the jurisdictional rankings from a year ago.

Evaluating policy perception and mineral potential in participating jurisdiction, the survey assesses the mining investment climate around the world, including Australia’s states and territories. To ensure an accurate representation of Queensland’s mining investment climate, it is important to see a broad involvement from relevant stakeholders with operations in Queensland.

The report on the findings of last year’s survey can be accessed here Survey of Mining Companies 2019

The survey can be completed in less than 15 minutes. All information collected through the survey remains confidential.

Executives, managers, and other experts with mining exploration and development companies, and their advisors, are asked to complete the 2020 survey questionnaire with respect to jurisdictions about which they are knowledgeable.

To participate in the survey email ashley.stedman@fraserinstitute.org