On 7 May UQ through its Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) and the Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ) co-hosted a online workshop looking at rock samples from the Northwest mineral province. Many of the major deposits from the Northwest mineral province now have extensive publicly available core photography, hylogger data, and other datasets which demonstrate the mesoscopic characteristics of representative samples of ore and alteration in ways which previously weren’t possible or available. The aim of this session is to focus on the mesoscopic mineralogical and textural characteristics of a few selected samples or core intervals from a number of major deposits in the region. Projects covered will include George Fisher, Mount Isa Copper, Ernest Henry, Tick Hill and others, with presenters focusing on presenting the typical characteristics of the rocks from these deposits, as well as talking about their observations and interpretations of those samples. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of what rocks from these deposits actually look like, which may help them to recognise similarities in their exploration drilling.

Rock Samples from NW Mineral Province Deposits: Our Favourites
Richard Lilly – U. Adelaide; Matt Valetich – GSQ; Pieter Creus and Truong LE – JCU; Paul Gow and Rick Valenta – UQ