On 14 May UQ through its Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) and the Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ) co-hosted a online workshop presenting a summary of work conducted by the Geological Survey of Queensland’s collaborators to support exploration and discovery in the North West Minerals Province. The North West has not had a major base metal discovery since the early 2000’s, in spite of a huge amount of exploration and research in the area since the mid 1990’s. The Qld Government aims to address this ‘discovery drought’ through the New Discovery Program, which brings new geophysics, geochemistry, geology and ore deposit analysis to the public domain. The New Discovery Program includes significant input from collaborator organisations, such as the University of Queensland, James Cook University, CODES, CSIRO and Geoscience Australia. Individual presenters will showcase their work supported by the New Discovery Program.

Introduction to the New Discovery Program – Helen Degeling

Airborne Geophysics – Matthew Greenwood

Cloncurry Extension Magnetotelluric survey – Janelle Simpson

Potential Fields in IOCG and BHT deposits – Jim Austin

Deposit Atlas – Dugald River, Kalman and Roseby – Rick Valenta, Paul Gow, Nathan Fox

GSQ Reference Collection – Ernest Henry dataset – Vladimir Lisitsin, Courteney Dhnaram

Mineral chemistry of IOCG deposits of NWQ – Shaun Barker

Magma Fertility Project – Ioan Sanislav

Tick Hill Project – Paul Dirks