On 11 June UQ through its Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMi) and the Geological Survey of Queensland co-hosted an online workshop. This seminar discuss metal isotopes in ore deposits and applications to exploration. Metal isotopes provide novel insights into the history of ore minerals, from their genesis all the way to their current distribution in economically viable quantities. They can provide independent constraints on the conditions of ore deposit formation and evolution, while also complementing conventional approaches. However, as a burgeoning area of research, the utility of metal isotopes in these applications has yet to be fully realized. This webinar instalment will explore the state-of-the-art and future horizons of metal isotopes in mineral exploration.

Ryan Mathur – Introduction to Metal Isotopes in ore deposits and applications to exploration

Brandon Mahon – Stable metal isotopes in mineral exploration – Gearing lab capabilities and practices to meet industry needs

Bruce Schaefer – Osmium isotopes in ore deposits

Dave Huston – Lead isotopes in ore deposits