On 29 April UQ through its Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) and the Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ) co-hosted a online workshop.The Geological Survey of Queensland holds an extensive collection of exploration geochemistry compiled from the throughout state. This collection features over 750 000 stream sediment samples and over 1 000 000 soil geochemistry samples. This data has been compiled by the Terrasearch, Map to Mine and the Geological Survey of Queensland over the last three decades. Between 2007 and 2011 Geoscience Australia completed the National Geochemical Survey of Australia which collected samples from 1390 catchments covering 91% of the Australian continent. This project sought to characterise the geochemistry of the entire continent, focusing on energy related elements but is applicable to other commodities. As a follow up to the NGSA the Cape York Peninsula was identified as a zone of anomalous Rare Earth Element concentrations on a continental scale. The Geological Survey of Queensland completed a 189 sample survey of stream sediments of the Cape York Peninsula in 2014-15 which followed the same methodology to identify the sources of the anomalism. In combination, these datasets provide a powerful tool for exploration. This seminar will provide an overview and access to this suite of datasets.

Queensland Exploration Geochemistry – Dominic Brown – GSQ

Geoscience Australia’s Surface Geochemistry – Philip Main – Geoscience Australia

Geochemistry in Mineral Exploration – Joseph Tang

Mineral Chemistry in Exploration – Dave Cooke – CODES