Resources exploration is the process of searching areas for deposits of minerals or petroleum in the ground. The exploration journey commences with low impact activities like mapping and surveying to identify whether minerals or petroleum are present, before progressing to more intensive and advanced exploration activities like drilling and bulk sampling.


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The Queensland Exploration Council is a not-for-profit initiative of the Queensland Resources Council. Launched in 2010, the QEC focuses on investment attraction initiatives that showcase Queensland as a leading investment destination. The QEC’s flagship project is the Queensland Resources and Exploration Gateway (QUREX). QUREX provides businesses with the tools, resources and support they need to invest in the vibrant Queensland resources sector, including new partnerships and new business opportunities.

The businesses, organisations and investors comprising Queensland’s resources exploration community are major contributors to Queensland’s economic prosperity and can provide valuable insights into this thriving industry.

Queensland is rich in coal, minerals and energy resources. Explorers and investors can identify opportunities across the state by viewing maps with information on geographical and geophysical data, geographic constraints and barriers, exploration and production authorities and native title.

Interested in learning more about exploration in Queensland? Our FAQS will help you understand everything there is to know about exploration; including permits, legislation, exploration areas, environmental management and community engagement.

The Queensland Government offers a range of exploration grants and incentives. There are many opportunities for explorers including exploration grants, an annual exploration program, competitive tenders for exploration, expressions of interest for tenders and an advanced exploration technology trial.

Resources exploration plays an important role in strengthening the Queensland economy by providing jobs and investment opportunities. From government to grants and incentives, find out all the information you need on this flourishing sector of the Queensland resources sector.

Resources exploration in Queensland is regulated by the Mineral Resources Act of 1989 in Queensland. Existing and prospective permit holders require a thorough knowledge of the legislation regarding the issuing of permits and responsibilities of permit owners.


RED METAL LIMITED – a consistent performer

Red Metal is known in the industry as a strong performing explorer, winning the Explorer of the Year award in 2013. Red Metal focuses on copper, gold, lead, silver and zinc targets, predominately in the Mount Isa region (north west Queensland).

Red Metal’s most advanced asset is the Maronan project. A Preliminary Mine Scoping Study based on significant resources of lead, silver, copper and gold highlighted the project’s robustness and potential to generate strong positive cash flows.

Work to date presents a strong technical and economic case to advance the project. The company is in the process of finding a competent mining group to join in moving Maronan towards a final feasibility study.

One of Red Metal’s great strengths is its exploration team’s ability to generate and secure exciting, “Tier 1” drill target concepts in both proven and frontier terrains that repeatedly capture the markets imagination.

Red Metal began by focusing on finding large base metal projects in Australian and has maintained that strategy for 14 years – a remarkable achievement for any explorer large or small. The Red Metal team’s advice for any up-and-coming explorer: “put yourself in elephant country, try something different and drill”.


SENEX ENERGY – from little things, big things grow

Senex Energy is the ultimate ‘from little things, big things grow’ story with a 30-year history in Australia. Senex operates in two of Australia’s most prolific onshore oil and gas regions, the Surat and Cooper basins, however the company has come from small beginnings.

Senex was first listed on the ASX in August 1984 as Victoria Petroleum N.L. At that time, the company was based in Perth and headed by Founding Managing Director John Kopcheff, who retired from the Board in September 2010.

In June 2010, the company announced the appointment of Ian Davies as Managing Director and advised that the business would relocate its head office to Brisbane. Later in the year, the business announced, “aggressive development programs” for its oil and gas acreage through the purchase of some key tenements from then Queensland Gas Company (QGC) (now part of Shell Australia assets).

In February 2011, the company officially changed its name to Senex Energy Limited following the merge with fellow Cooper Basin oil producer Stuart Petroleum.

Today, Senex continues to operate the majority of its low cost oil producing assets, and is pursuing exploration, appraisal and development of its oil and gas acreage in the Cooper Basin. In Queensland’s Surat Basin, the company is progressing new gas projects and contributing to energy security on Australia’s east coast.


VITRINITE – the entrepreneurs

Vitrinite Pty Ltd is a privately-owned company holding an extensive strategic coking coal tenement portfolio within Queensland’s world-class Bowen Basin. Our assets are situated in close proximity to operating mines, infrastructure and proven economic resources. Vitrinite is currently focused on executing an exploration drilling and definition program of JORC resources across multiple sites representing the next generation of premium tier one assets in Australia.

Vitrinite is a young, progressive company. We insist on excellence in every aspect of our work and take immense pride in the coal industry and the Australian resources sector. We are stewards of the lands and minerals we are developing, aiming to achieve outsized returns for our shareholders and stakeholders.

We embody and encourage an open and collaborative attitude, inward and outward, in our company values. Vitrinite’s vision is to create value and wealth through the provision of energy to power world economic growth, setting and exceeding world’s best practices in every endeavour.