/James Cook University Economic Geology Research Centre (EGRU) Geoscience Seminar 2017
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Metallogeny and Exploration in north-east Queensland

Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ), EGRU (Economic Geology Research Centre, James Cook University), Terra Search and Klondike Exploration Services invite you to a scientific seminar on 7 December 2017, followed by an exploration round-up on 8 December 2017.

The seminar (7 December) will present results of the 4-year collaborative research project on Intrusion-related hydrothermal mineral systems of north-east Queensland, funded by GSQ. Presentations will cover regional metallogenic summaries of Au and Sn-W mineral systems, magma fertility indicators, a new geological map of the Ravenswood Batholith, geochemical and geophysical signatures of gold deposits and camps, and deposit to camp-scale studies (including Mt Carlton, Chillagoe, Mt Carbine, Watershed and Wolfram Camp).

The exploration round-up (8 December) will include industry presentations from exploration and mining companies operating in north-east Queensland, poster and rock sample displays, focusing on exploration strategies and methods. It will provide an opportunity for informal discussions between local explorers, researchers and industry consultants.

Attendance of the seminar (7 December) is free and the registration fee for the exploration round-up is $40.00.