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EGRU is hosting the fourth Mineral Systems of Mount Isa Inlier workshop, in Mt Isa on 11th and 12th May 2021.

The workshop will bring together industry, academia and government organisations for two days to discuss and debate on topics of interest for exploration in the Mt Isa region.
As we all know, there has not been a major discovery in Mt Isa for almost 30 years, despite sustained efforts from explorers, researchers and government organisations.

At the Mineral System Workshop we would like to critically assess how we can do better.
• Is it that we need to improve exploration methods?
• Do we need better datasets (geophysics, geochemistry, maps etc)?
• Do we need more data?
• Do we need to refine the existing geological and exploration models?

Information on the workshop is detailed via ERGU and you can CLICK HERE to register.


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