The QEC is proud to announce a new partnership with the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy. The Vision 2020 Queensland Explorer Challenge is a celebration of open data inviting one mineral exploration company to open their books to gain insights from professionals across the globe to help solve their geological challenges.

The QEC is now inviting mineral resource companies with interests in the North-West Minerals Province to submit an expression of interest (EOI) to becoming the Vision 2020 Queensland Explorer Challenge Industry Partner.


The North West Minerals Province (NWMP) is one of the world’s most prospective resource regions. Despite almost a century of minerals production (Mount Isa Mine), the region’s geology remains poorly understood and problematic. The NWMP has been without a major commercial discovery for more than 30 years (i.e. Cannington). New mines are needed but commercialising remote resources demands new thinking.

The QEC acknowledges current government initiatives focused on driving exploration activity in the NWMP. QEC’s Vision 2020 Queensland Explorer Challenge takes another step forward by presenting a novel way to raise Queensland’s profile as an exploration jurisdiction that will also provide a significant step closer to discovery, if not discovery itself.

How it works

The Vision 2020 Queensland Explorer Challenge is a global online competition where teams analyse and interpret complex company data before submitting their solution(s) to a major mineral development challenge in Queensland’s NWMP. The challenge delivers previously commercial-in-confidence data to scientific teams from around the world for their analysis, interpretation and – for a major cash prize – their arrival at potential solutions.

What we are looking for

The Industry Partner will make available their geoscience data on a QEC partner-hosted site. The data will be accessible to the world for participants to analyse, interpret and manipulate the data to provide significant outcomes such as resolve a complex geological problem, generate exploration targets or provide further clarity and definition of existing exploration targets.


View the Call for EOI document:

Vision 2020 Queensland Explorer Challenge Call for Expressions of Interest