On 19 June James Cook University through The Economic Geology Research Centre (EGRU) held a seminar on IOCG Deposits: occurrence and diversity. The IOCG (iron oxide copper gold) deposits comprise a diverse family of ore deposits having a wide range of metal content and geological characteristics. The primary metal extracted from IOCG deposits is Cu with Au having a secondary importance. It is common for IOCG deposits to contain important quantities of U, REE, Ag, Co, Mo and many other metals in small quantities. IOCG deposits occur in a variety of tectonic settings, have been described from all continents and, from Archean to Phanerozoic terrains. Although, they share some common geological characteristics, their diversity in metal content, alteration assemblages, geological and tectonic settings makes exploration for IOCG deposits challenging.

EGRU is taking this opportunity to invite you to a technical workshop comprising presentations by world experts on IOCG deposits from Brasil, Canada, South Australia and Mt Isa.