In coming months QEC will deep dive with a series of profile articles focused on those individuals that are bridging the gap between Oil & Gas and Mining & Coal Industries. In doing so, these individuals are applying experience, skills, workflows, and technology from one of these Industries and applying it to the other. Savvy explorers are increasingly getting behind the concept cross-industry capability transferring considering technical challenges from different perspectives – thinking outside the box will often drive new concepts and potentially new discoveries. If you have any interesting stories you would like to share regarding cross-industry skills, workflows, or technology transfer QEC would love to hear from you at

Second edition: An Evolving Resource Industry – Same Datasets, New Perspectives by Margarita Pavlova
This article looks at innovation and knowledge transfer between the petroleum industry and the minerals industry and how Margarita has applied her geophysical knowledge as her career developed from one part of the industry to the next.

“As somebody who made the transition from O&G to the Mining Industry I can say that there are numerous skills and fundamental knowledge that can be transferred from one industry to another” – Margarita Pavlova

Read the article here: An Evolving Resource Industry – Same Datasets, New Perspectives